A downloadable game for Windows

Co-op puzzle game

Moving away from your team-mate will dissipate your energy faster.
Standing next to sources of heat will replenish your energy.
Standing next to sources of cold will diminish your energy faster.
Stay together and good luck!

Player 1 - W,A,S,D

Player 2 - Num8, Num4, Num5, Num6 or Up, Left, Down, Right

Restart on Space

Close on ESC

Team members:

Miloš Manojlović

Nikola Đorđević

Marko Bibuljica

Damir Miladinov

Teodora Peković

Filip Abramović

Tamara Miletić

Music: Gichco https://opengameart.org/users/oddroom

Install instructions

Run Dissipate.exe


Dissipate.zip 24 MB

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