A downloadable game for Windows

Once a proud member of an ancient order of werewolf hunters, you became the thing you hated the most. There is no escape. Now it's time to hunt - or be hunted. The choice is yours.

Movement: W A S D
Jump: Space
Switch weapons: 1 2 3
Werewolf mode: Q
Aim: Mouse
Shoot/melee attack: Left click

Nikola Dragojlović
Miloš Manojlović
Filip Abramović
Filip Radulović
Ivan Živanović


Game made during the 2018 Spring #ue4jam.


Howler Hunt 1.0 432 MB


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I could see this being fun, but it didn't work for me. I tend to play left-handed these days which makes it difficult to control properly. Plus, I got stuck on the game over screen and couldn't continue. No idea what's going on there.

Really fun! It took a couple of plays before I understood what everything did, but it wasn't boring to figure out. Plus, once I figured it out, I played it several more times! I also really loved your level design. Very fun corridors and nice flow. I would love to have this as a LAN party game. 

I think you ran into a similar issue that I had with my enemies where the collision capsule remained after you simulated physics on the static mesh. I found that you can disable the collision on the capsule when the character dies. That way it is only in the level and not colliding with the player. 

Great job!


I Throughly Enjoyed This Game. Right From  The Start It Has You Sucked In... Great job And Great Game


I cannot tell you how much nonsensical fun I had with this game. It was a short and sweet experience, but all the same enjoyable. There isn't much content, as any game coming from a game jam, but the nonstop bullet barrage was fun and hilarious all on its own. I wish you could have had more time for development, but this is wonderful for what it is. With any automatic firing musket, this is full of simple mechanics but fun models and environments. Such nonsensical fun.