Earth, beautiful, ancient, dangerous, wild, the only one that we have.

It withstood for 4.543 billion years and it could stand for much more if not for one little thing... Humans.

We appeared on this planet 66 million years ago and since then we did nothing but littered.

In Ancient times, human cities were appallingly dirty, so much that they became main sources of diseases such as the Black Plague and cholera.

The discovery of coal became the beginning of air pollution and when we turned to coke for iron smelting, the problem increased ten fold. The more we advanced and grew in numbers, the worse the damage became.

What we did to this world in last three centuries, no natural disaster can outdo. We, humans, the most dangerous predators of all, have sunk our teeth deep into the Mother Nature.

By keeping our eyes on the goal of creating a Big, Bright World we became blind to the wasteland that we left behind and that is a problem, as we don’t have a plan(et) B.

And at the last minute, we realized it. Humanity needs this world, as we don’t have a spare one.

A satellite was launched to keep pollution at bay until there comes a time that the technology starts using the resources of this world without making it terminally ill.


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The game looks awesome, and has great controls and mechanics, but can you die? I've done nothing for the last half hour and the situation isn't even that dire... With a slight pollution spread rate increase, it could make for a challenging arcade game!