Slowly rising from dirt deep underground, you have spotted a glimpse of light. Follow it, avoid obstacles and defeat enemies by sacrificing your own life essence. Only by balancing your immolation and scarce sacred fountains you can rise to the summit.

And then see where this all leads..


Walk - A (Left) D (Right)
Jump - Space / W
Glide - Shift / M
Attack J / Left Click
Range K / Right Click
Clear L / Middle Click

LD Entry:

Andrijana Radomirović
Mladen Drobnjaković
Filip Radulović
Suzana Miladinov
Miloš Manojlović
Žarko Goronja
Ivan Pavlović
Nikola Dragojlović
Ivana Miljković
Ivan Plavšić
Dimitrije Pantelić
Georgije Manojlović

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